An immersive experience in history and the outdoors

My name is Dave Andrews.

I am a dad of two boys, ages 9 and 10. I have loved exploring both history and the outdoors my entire life. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, especially children. I am a living historian, reenactor, and provide historical consulting for various historical film projects. I’m excited to be offering an immersive experience in history and the outdoors.

About Us

As so much uncertainty continuously unfolds before us, there is one thing for certain…our children need to continue to learn and be challenged for their intellectual growth. When it comes to their education, we all want the very best there is to offer.

When your child enrolls in this class they will have the opportunity to learn our local history, as well as the entire state’s history, and applying that on a national scale when applicable. We will also spend a vast majority of time outdoors by tying history and the great outdoors together. Our goal is to make history come to life by learning of our area’s past. I want to impart my passion and knowledge of history onto your child in an immersive, hands on way.

Classes will be taught in chronological order of Tennessee history. Each week a new lesson will be taught. We also will be planning field trips each month.

The cost will be $75 per family a month.

Have Questions?

Use the contact form to shoot us an email, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.